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Little Petra Farm Shop & Delicatessen. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Skin Care & Gourmet Food, Perth.
18b Hood Street, Subiaco WA 6008

Perth Delicatessen – Our Gourmet Range

Little Petra’s outstanding range of ‘Antipasto’ gourmet products are designed to highlight and complement our Extra Virgin Olive Oils and olives.

All products are made in small batches to retain optimal freshness.

Nothing is mass/factory produced! It’s like making it yourself, except better, because you didn’t have to.

Natural EVOO Skin Care Range

Little Petra’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil skin and hair care range is the natural way to create beautiful healthy skin.

Experience the goodness of Petra cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil; completely pure and unadulterated, loaded with vitamins, polyphenols and antioxidants.

Natural, gentle cell repair and free radical protection. Once you try, you’ll never go back!

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Visit our Perth Delicatessen to see all our products for yourself; Olive Oils, Olives, Gourmet Food and Skin Care.

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Petra’s range of Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oils include Agrumato and Infused olive oils.

The crisp freshness and incredible flavour of Agrumato olive oil is achieved by crushing the whole citrus fruit with the olives during the pressing process.

Traditionally lemons were used at the end of the season to assist in the cleaning of the granite wheels and mats in the ancient olive presses.

The practice evolved over time into an annual celebration of the end of the season and the crisp tangy zing of the oil became highly prized for its distinctive taste.

At Petra we use this ancient technique to create our unique Agrumato Lemon and Agrumato Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our flavoured Infusion Extra Virgin Olive Oils (herb, garlic, chilli and ‘black’) are produced by infusing flavours into the olive oil after it is crushed.


Little Petra: Gourmet Food Perth. 18b Hood Street, Subiaco WA 6008 – free 3 hr parking across the road